October 18, 2017 10:00 a.m.



Open Session

Item 1 – Call to Order – No Materials
Item 2 – Public Comment – No Materials

Open Session – Minutes

Item 3 – Minutes

Approved the following minutes:
September 20, 2017 Special Meeting
September 20, 2017 Regular Meeting

Open Session – Consent Matters

Item 4A – Gephart, Karyn – Application for Disability Retirement (confidential)
     Granted a nonservice-connected disability retirement

Item 4B – Reference; General Law and Authorized Board Actions on Disability Retirement Proposed Decisions
     No action taken

Item 5 – SACRS Fall Conference – Direction to SCERS Voting Delegate
     Approved direction to SCERS voting delegate

Item 6 – Placement Agent Disclosure Report – Third Quarter 2017
     Received and filed the report

Item 7 – Monthly Report of New Investment Activity - September 2017 – No Materials
     No action taken

Item 8 – Monthly Investment Manager Activity, Compliance, and Watch List Report – September 2017
     Received and filed the report

Open Session – Administrative Matters

Item 9 – Interim Chief Executive Officer’s Report – No Materials

Item 10 – Results of Actuarial Audit Performed Cheiron
     Received and filed the report

Item 11 – Update on SCERS IT Modernization Program
     Received and filed the report

Item 12 – Proposed Contract Award for Pension Administration System
     Awarded a contract to Morneau Shepell Limited

Item 13 – Proposed SCERS Compensation Policy
     Approved the proposed SCERS Compensation Policy

Open Session – Investment Matters

Item 14 – Education on Available Structures for Private Credit
     Received and filed the report

Item 15 – Education on Alternative Investment Fund Fee and Expense Disclosures Required by State Law (AB2833)
     Received and filed the report

Closed Session

Item 16 – Public Employment – Chief Executive Officer - Discussion and Possible Action on Employment Terms – No Materials
     Finalized and approved the employment terms for the new Chief Executive Officer