Policies and Governance


Policies and Governance

California Retirement Law

The Retirement Law Book contains the following statutes that govern county retirement systems in California:

  • County Employees Retirement Law of 1937 (CERL)
  • California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA)
  • Other Government Code Sections Applicable to CERL Systems


The Sacramento County Employees’ Retirement System (SCERS) was established under the CERL and provisions of Sacramento County Ordinance No. 283 passed April 30, 1941.

These Bylaws as adopted pursuant to Government Code Sections 31525, 31526, and 31527 are intended to be the rules and regulations governing the operation of the Retirement Board and the administration of the Retirement System.

SCERS Board of Retirement Bylaws

Board Policies

The Retirement Board has added further direction to statutes and bylaws by adopting policies and procedures in key areas of benefits, funding, administrative operations, and investments.

Administrative Operations

Board Education Policy
CEO Delegated Authority Policy for Expenses
CEO Performance Evaluation Policy
Compensation Policy
Conflict of Interest Code
Electronic Signatures Policy
Facilitating Communications by Third Parties to Retirees and Beneficiaries Policy
Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
Protection of Individual Records Policy
Records Retention Policy
Retirement Board Election Policy
Staff Background Check Policy


Appeal of SCERS’ Administrative Decision Policy
Compensation Earnable Policy for Overtime, CTO-Expired, and CTO-Over-Max
Disability Retirement Procedures
Dissolution of Marriage Documents Policy
Error Correction Policy
Estimated Benefit Payment Policy for Service Retirement Requests by Deferred, Reciprocal Members
Felony Forfeiture Policy
Final Compensation Review Policy
Membership Policy
Post-Retirement Employment Policy
Ratification of Retirements Policy
Service Credit Policy
Sick Leave Conversion Policy – Discussion Draft

Funding and Finance

Declining Employer Payroll Policy
Interest Crediting and Unallocated Earnings Policy
Statement of Actuarial Funding Policy
Subrogation Claims Policy
Terminating Employer Policy

Investment Operations

Board and Staff Trading Policy
Cash Management Policy
Directed Brokerage Transactions and Commissions Recapture Policy
Fiduciary Standard Policy
Placement Agent Policy
Prime Broker and Counterparty Risk Policy
Proxy Voting Policy
Representation on Advisory Committees Policy
Securities Litigation Policy

Investment Strategy

Master Investment Policy and Objectives
Diversifying Asset Category Investment Policy Statement
Growth Asset Category Investment Policy Statement
Opportunities Investment Policy Statement
Real Return Asset Category Investment Policy Statement