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SCERS Member Handbooks

SCERS provides two Member Handbooks based on dates of hire; the Legacy Handbook for those hired before January 1, 2013, and the Member Handbook for those hired after December 31, 2012.

Click here to expand the handbook by subject, or click the handbook image below based on your date of hire.

Legacy Member Handbook by TopicHired before 1/1/2013 (Legacy)

Member Handbook by TopicHired after 12/31/2012 (PEPRA)


Advanced Career Retirement Planning Seminar

SCERS hosts a full-day seminar of information, frequently asked questions, and resources tailored for members within ten years of retirement.

Due to the pandemic, in-person seminars have been postponed until further notice.  Please check back for updates and additional material to come.

Retiree COLA Tracker

Retiree COLA Tracker 2020

The retiree cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is based on the average annual change in the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI) for All Urban Consumers for the San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward area. According to the County Employees Retirement Law of 1937, the SCERS Board must determine the appropriate COLA for SCERS retirement benefits and implement that COLA on April 1st each year. 


Member Interest Crediting Rates

SCERS credits interest semi-annually, on June 30 and December 31, to member account balances that have been on deposit for the entire six months immediately prior to the interest crediting date.