Electronic Signatures Policy



The purpose of this policy is to authorize SCERS to accept electronic signatures as permitted by Government Code section 31527(i).


The Board may use and accept a document using an electronic signature if the document is submitted using technology the Board deems sufficient to ensure its integrity, security, and authenticity.

1. The Board has determined that the following software programs use technology sufficient to ensure the integrity, security, and authenticity of documents with an electronic signature:

a. DocuSign
b. Adobe Acrobat Sign
c. MySCERS (SCERS Member Portal-related applications)

Consequently, SCERS will give an electronically signed document submitted through these programs the same legal force and effect as a document with an original signature.

​​​​2. The determination contained in Paragraph 1 applies only to documents containing
electronic signatures submitted by SCERS members and beneficiaries or their legal

This policy does not modify, disturb, or restrict SCERS’ ability to use and accept electronic
signatures in services contracts, investment contracts, and other business transactions, as
permitted by contract law and/or the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.


California Government Code Section 31527
California Civil Code Sections 1633.1 et seq.


Executive Owner: General Counsel


Date Description
03-20-2024 Board amended policy
09-14-2022 Board re-affirmed policy
09-18-2019 Board approved policy

SCERS Policy No. 36