Sick Leave Rules Under Review


SCERS is developing a policy to clarify the rules for converting unused sick leave to service credit when members do not retire immediately upon separation from employment. 

SCERS has historically converted unused sick leave into service credit for members regardless of when they retire.  The proposed policy would create a process at SCERS for the employer to validate the unused sick leave balance that should be converted to service credit, based on how the employer recognizes sick leave after termination. In other words, under the proposed policy, SCERS would defer to the employer’s accounting of unused sick leave, and convert into service credit only the unused sick leave recognized by the employer.  The policy would apply only to new members hired on or after July 1, 2020. 

The Board of Retirement is seeking comments from stakeholders before adopting the final policy at the June 17, 2020 Board meeting. Please submit comments by May 22, 2020 to

Note: See the August 2020 update to this article here.