Retirement Planning Seminars


Advanced Career Retirement Planning Seminar

SCERS hosts a full-day seminar of information, frequently asked questions, and resources tailored for members within ten years of retirement.  

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  • Register for an upcoming seminar online here.  The scheduled seminars are:
    • Tuesday, March 3
    • Wednesday, June 3
    • Wednesday, October 7
    • Thursday, December 3

Agendas and Presentations

The seminar runs from  9 a.m. - 4 p.m. and takes place at 700 H Street, Room 1450 (Board of Supervisors Chambers).

SCERS staff may also present at employee locations as well.  Contact if you are interested in hosting a retirement planning seminar at your workplace. In these seminars, SCERS teams up with other financial planning organizations to educate members on their options and resources. Recent presentations are below.

Share Your Feedback

Have you recently attended one of our retirement planning seminars? Please take a moment to share your experience through our online survey here. SCERS appreciates the opportunity to improve this seminar to help members feel more comfortable with the process of starting retirement.  

Paid Time Off to Attend

The County of Sacramento Personnel Policies & Procedures authorizes paid time off to attend retirement planning seminars sponsored by SCERS if the employee meets certain eligibility conditions. Specifically, Section L-6, "Time Off to Attend Retirement Planning Program" provides:

2.1 Release time may be authorized only for employees who, as of the date of the seminar, already meet the minimum eligibility requirements for a service retirement from the Sacramento County Employees’ Retirement System. For employees who are members of the miscellaneous retirement system, the minimum requirements usually are ten years of service and age 50. For safety members, the minimum is ten years of service and age 50, or 20 years of service at any age.

Visit your department’s human resources coordinator for more information.