SCERS Website Handbook – Exhibit 1


Summary Of Compensation Elements Considered As Compensation Earnable

Earnings Description Included Excluded
Regular Earnings Hours of work X  
One Time Bonus Payment Payments normally made once a year as a result of bargaining X  
Overtime-includes CTO expired Hours worked in excess of normal work schedule   X
7/12 work shift Regular work schedule of 12 hours per day; 84 hours per bi-weekly pay period X  
Extra-help wages Wages paid to employees who are not regular (permanent) county employees   X
Holiday-in-lieu paid after 104.0 hours Hours paid over the maximum of 104.0 X  
Workers’ Compensation Temporary disability Workers compensation benefits integrated with existing leave balances for employees who have an accepted industrial injury and are temporary disabled. X  
Shift differential Differentials paid to employees working other than the day shift X  
Standby pay An assignment of an employee to remain on call if the need arises for emergency work. X  
Food allowance An allowance paid to employees hired or transferred into food service prior to July 1971 represented by Health Services Unit X  
Terminal pay – vacation, holiday in lieu, CTO, and leave payout Accumulated leave balances paid to an employee upon separation from employment.   X
Special pay allowances Additional pay for performing work considered to be out of or in addition to the class X  
Incentive pay allowances Additional pay for possession of educational degrees or required certificates X  
Miscellaneous allowances Assignment differentials based upon a percentage of base pay. X  
Management differential Additional pay paid to managers in lieu of other benefits, i.e, tuition reimbursement X  
Transcription fees for court reporters Monies paid to court reports to transcribe their cases   X
Retirement offset Additional pay for certain employees in-lieu of the county paying ½ retirement contributions X  
Leave balance usage (vacation, compensating time off (CTO), holiday in-lieu, sick leave, etc.) Payment received for absence from work due to use of leave balances or authorized paid absences. X  
Vacation cash-in Additional pay, twice a year, for cashing in accrued vacation. X  
Payoff beyond maximum accrual Additional pay for vacation hours over the maximum accrual X  
Mental Health Retention A recruitment differential paid twice a year to employees who work at the mental health facility X  
Disability Pay Used in conjunction with Workers’ Compensation Disability Pay so that when combined together it equals 50% of the bi-weekly pay. X  
4850 Time pay Paid in lieu of temporary disability for Safety personnel in accordance with 4850 of the Labor Code – tax free – max one year. X  
Clothing allowance An allowance paid in two installment to cover the cost of maintaining a uniform X  
Equipment allowance An allowance paid in two installments to reimburse employees who are required to provide their own equipment, i.e., court reporters X  
Animal allowance Payments made to employees assigned to the K-9 and Mounted Patrol to maintain their animals   X
Insurance Subsidy Cash payment of the amount of the county contribution towards health insurance over the premium, less the cost of social security X  
Fair Labor Standard Act adjustment Differential paid when the value of overtime per FLSA guidelines is greater than that negotiated   X
Insurance Subsidy Offset An amount paid in January of each year to refund the social security reduction of the insurance subsidy to employees who were at social security maximum. X  
Vehicle taxation earnings Taxation for the value of a home retention vehicle   X
Auto allowance Payment for use of personal vehicle for county business X  


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