October 20, 2021 10:00 a.m.


The Regular Retirement Board meetings have returned to in-person meetings held in the SCERS Board Room. You can watch the meeting live here.


Open Session

Item 1 – Call to Order – No Materials

Item 2 – Teleconferencing Rules Under Ralph M. Brown Act 

Item 3 – Public Comment – No Materials

Open Session – Consent Matters

Item 4 – Minutes of the September 15, 2021 regular meeting

Item 5A – Alonzo, Jesse; Staff recommendation dated October 20, 2021​​​ (confidential)

Item 5B – Hunt, Bruce; Staff recommendation dated October 20, 2021 (confidential)

Item 5C – Reference: General Law and Authorized Board Actions on Disability Retirement ​Proposed Decisions (confidential)

Item 6 – Ratification of Service Retirement Application Approvals – August and September 2021

Item 7 – CEO Delegated Authority Expense Report

Item 8 – Strategic Management Plan – Quarterly Performance Report

Item 9 – Pension Administration System Quarterly Review

Item 10 – Placement Agent Disclosure Report

Item 11 – State Association of County Retirement Systems Legislative Update – October 2021​

Item 12 – Monthly Investment Manager Activity, Complia​nce and Watch List Report – September 2021​​

Item 13 – Monthly Report of Investment Activity – September 2021

Executive Reports

Item 14 – Chief Executive Officer’s Report – No Materials

Item 15 – Chief Investment Officer’s Report – No Materials

Item 16 – Chief Benefit Officer’s Report – No Materials

Administrative Matters

Item 17SACRS Legislative Proposal 2022
Staff to recommend Board approve SACRS sponsorship of 2022 legislative proposal regarding technical and clarifying amendment to the County Employees’ Retirement Law of 1937. Deliberation and action.

Item 18Board Education Policy
Staff to recommend Board re-affirm Board Education Policy that establishes guidelines for trustees to meet statutory education requirements. Deliberation and action.

Item 19Compensation Policy​
Staff to recommend Board re-affirm Compensation Policy that provides consistency with respect to how compensation decisions are made for executive management positions. Deliberation and action.

Investment Matters

Item 20Education: Investment Opportunities in China​
Staff to facilitate discussion panel with JP Morgan and regarding considerations and opportunities when directly investing in China. Receive and file.

Item 21Asset Class Restructuring: Absolute Return
Staff to recommend implementation path for revised strategic asset allocation in absolute return. Deliberation and action.

Item 22Asset Class Restructuring: Fixed Income
Staff to recommend implementation path for revised strategic asset allocation in fixed income. Deliberation and action.

Closed Session

Item 23 – Public Employee Performance Evaluation – Chief Executive Officer – No Materials