April 15, 2020 10:00 a.m.


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Open Session

Item 1 – Call to Order – No Materials

Item 2 – Public Comment – No Materials

Consent Matters

Item 3A – Northon, Richmond. Staff recommendation dated April 15, 2020 (confidential)

Item 3B – Reference: General Law and Authorized Board Actions on Disability Retirement Proposed Decisions

Item 4 – Minutes of the March 18, 2020 Regular Meeting

Item 5 – Ratification of Service Retirement Application Approvals – March 2020

Item 6 – State Association of County Retirement Systems Legislative Update – April 2020

Item 7 – CEO Delegated Authority for Expenses Quarterly Report – March 2020

Item 8 – SCERS IT Modernization Program Quarterly Report

Item 9 – Strategic Management Plan Quarterly Performance Report

Item 10 – Placement Agent Disclosure Report

Item 11 – Monthly Investment Manager Activity, Compliance and Watch List Report – March 2020​

Item 12 – Monthly Report of New Investment Activity – March 2020

Executive Reports

Item 13 – Chief Executive Officer’s Report – No Materials

Item 14 – Chief Investment Officer’s Report

Administrative Matters

Item 15SCERS 2020-21 Proposed Budget
Staff to recommend the Board approve the 2020-21 SCERS Budget. Deliberation and action.

Benefit Matters

Item 16Service Credit Policy
Staff to recommend Board approve policy revision to reflect technical methodology change for calculating service credit on a biweekly basis as part of Pension Administration System implementation.  Deliberation and action.

Item 17Sick Leave Conversion Policy – Discussion Draft
Staff to recommend Board approve Sick Leave Conversion discussion draft for dissemination to stakeholders.  Deliberation and action.​

Investment Matters

Item 18Proxy Voting
Staff to recommend Board (1) extend service agreement with Institutional Shareholder Services, and authorize CEO to executive necessary documents; and (2) select ISS guidelines for voting SCERS’ proxies. Deliberation and action.​