Distribution of Information to SCERS Members


Historically, Sacramento County Employees’ Retirement System (“SCERS”) has facilitated mailings to its members solely on behalf of the Plan Sponsor, which is the County of Sacramento, and to the recognized organization for retired members, which is the Sacramento County Retired Employees’ Association (“SCREA”).

SCERS facilitates SCREA mailings because the 1937 Act (Government Section 31592.6) specifically calls for the designation of a retiree organization and requires that the retirement system (SCERS) collaborate with the designated retiree organization (SCREA) to facilitate communication with retired members.

Whether it is a mailing request by the Plan Sponsor or by SCREA, SCERS protects the confidentiality of the recipient by: a) Not sharing names, addresses, or other identifying information with the party requesting the mailing; b) Requiring the vendor(s) who facilitate the mailing to execute a confidentiality agreement with the same mandate; and c) Using the return address for SCERS for returned mail purposes. SCERS places a disclaimer notice on the piece being mailed noting that the content is the sole responsibility of the party requesting the mailing. All costs associated with the mailing are borne by the requestor.

SCERS does not facilitate mailings by third parties other than the Plan Sponsor or SCREA. However, in the context of a SCERS Board election, SCERS will facilitate a mailing on behalf of a retirement board election candidate, upon request, with the same terms and conditions as for the Plan Sponsor or SCREA.

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