Handbook for Legacy Members
For Members Hired Before January 1, 2013


If you were hired before January 1, 2013, this Member Handbook is an excellent resource for you as a member of SCERS. It provides you, your family, and your Beneficiaries with details on your SCERS member benefits and explains the services you can expect from the SCERS organization.


The purpose of Section 1 is to provide an overview of SCERS and SCERS’ benefits. This section also explains how a Defined Benefit Pension Plan like SCERS works.

Section 1: About SCERS


This section provides SCERS plan information that may be of interest to both new and long-established members—topics such as plan eligibility, membership types, employer and Member Contributions, benefit levels and formulas, and Reciprocity with other public retirement systems are covered.

Section 2: Membership

Service Credit

This section provides information on various milestones you will achieve as a SCERS member, such as becoming Vested in plan benefits or becoming eligible to purchase Permissive Service Credit.

Section 3: Service Credit

Changes in Your Job or Life

This section is designed to help you understand how your SCERS membership and benefits are affected by these events. It highlights what you need to do, when you need to take action, and the types of changes you can make.

Section 4: Changes in Life or Job

Planning to Retire

This section provides details on your retirement benefit allowance and other SCERS benefits available to you. It also includes a retirement planning checklist and information regarding SCERS’ Retired Member associations so you can stay connected with other Retired Members.

Section 5: Planning to Retire

Death Benefits

This section explains the benefits payable by SCERS when an Active, Deferred, or Retired Member dies.

Section 6: Death Benefits

Other Tools and Information

This section describes the broad range of resources SCERS provides to help our members learn and understand their SCERS benefits

Section 7: Other Tools and Information

Glossary of Terms and Appendices 

The following defines terms used in this Member Handbook to explain your SCERS benefits. These definitions can help you understand the benefits available to you and your rights under SCERS. For your ease in identification, the terms defined in this Glossary are capitalized throughout this Member Handbook.

Section 8: Glossary of Terms, and Appendices

Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

FAQs for Legacy Members

Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

Full Handbook 

We encourage you to take some time to read through the entire handbook – an important educational tool that describes all of your SCERS benefits in one place. Keep it for ongoing reference and use it as you plan for a secure retirement. 

Full Legacy Member Handbook