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New Retiree Update: Delays for First Pension Check

Newly retired SCERS members may experience delays receiving their first pension check.

SCERS is currently averaging more than two months to process retirement applications from the date of retirement to the first payment. New retirees should be prepared to wait 75 days for the first payment, and it may take longer under certain circumstances. 

Once the first payment is made, retirees can expect regular payments each month without interruption.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and recognize the hardship it can cause our members. 


SCERS Board Approves COLA

At its meeting on February 17, 2021, the SCERS Retirement Board approved the annual cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) to be effective April 1, 2021 for eligible SCERS annuitants.


1099-R Forms Mailed

Your 1099-R tax forms were mailed on January 30th. Please allow sufficient mail processing time before contacting SCERS. If you do not receive your 1099-R by February 10th, please contact our office at (916) 874-9119.


Update on Supreme Court Opinion: Notice to Members

This notice concerns amendments to SCERS’ Final Compensation Review Policy that could impact the calculation of your retirement allowance.

If you have recently submitted or are considering submitting a retirement application, please consider how the following information described below may influence your retirement plans, including withdrawing or delaying your application.


SCERS Celebrates 80 years!

SCERS rings in the new year with more than one reason to celebrate. It’s our 80th anniversary year, and throughout 2021, beginning with a commemorative logo, we’ll be digging through the archives and highlighting our history in our newsletters and elsewhere. Here’s to another 80 years!


SCERS Video Explains Pension Funding

Did you know that SCERS members only pay 10 cents for every dollar of pension benefits they receive? Watch this animated video that answers one of our most frequently asked questions - “How are pensions funded?”


SCERS Board Adopts 2021-22 Contribution Rates

During its regular monthly meeting Wednesday, December 9, the SCERS Board of Retirement adopted the annual actuarial valuation, a report that serves as a “health check” on how the pension fund is doing at the end of the fiscal year (June 30), and arguably the most important financial document reviewed each year.


Have You Seen SCERS Animated Videos?

SCERS is pleased to roll out its fourth informative animated video in a series covering such topics as new member orientation, pension funding, retirement planning, and disability retirement. 


Retirement Planning Information

SCERS provides information and counseling sessions to employees nearing retirement, free of charge. We do not use third-party vendors to contact or meet with members about SCERS benefits. 


Sick Leave Rules Under Review

SCERS is developing a policy to clarify the rules for converting unused sick leave to service credit when members do not retire immediately upon separation from employment. 


Report Finds SCERS Benefits in Good Health

The SCERS pension fund is on solid footing to pay out benefits for decades to come, with a low probability of falling into financial distress, according to a new report presented to the Board of Retirement in February 2020.


Read the Winter Issue of SCERS’ Newsletter

SCERS Winter Newsletter

Our Winter 2020 newsletter is out! This issue includes research on financial confidence levels in retirement, late-cycle investment considerations, Disability Retirement FAQs, and more!

Active and retired members can find the newsletter in their mailbox or may pick up a copy at SCERS’ downtown office. The newsletter has also been posted under News at the top of this page.